Purpose Magazine is looking for photos and literary submissions. The ongoing theme for the magazine is humanity. It could be:

  • architecture;
  • cities or rural areas with or without people;
  • landscapes with signs of humanity like barns, fences, roads, paths, ruins;
  • seascapes with vessels;
  • portraits;
  • “street photography” in all its ambiguity… etc.

You get the idea. There should be people or evidence of people.

What does this exclude? Well, macros, wildlife.. scenes of wilderness, pristine landscapes with no signs of humans. Flowers, birds.. anything without the evidence of humans. To get a better idea of what to submit take a look at current or past issues.

Please submit only unpublished photos, including print or digital media, anywhere. We can relax these restrictions for photos published on your own social media accounts, however, please contact us with this information first.

Film or digital? Doesn’t matter. A majority of photographers currently featured are film shooters, so Purpose has that aesthetic. If a digital image fits in with the rest, that is if people can’t tell that it’s obviously digital, then it’s good to go. Over processed digital files, or highly photoshopped surreal or HDR stuff are probably not a good fit.

Photos must have the minimum pixel dimension of 2000px on the short side. More doesn’t hurt, it will be downsampled. If it’s square, 2000px on each side.
All filenames must be of the following format: FirstNameLastName dot number dot jpg.
For example, if you are Peter Parker submitting 2 files, your files should be PeterParker.1.jpg and PeterParker.2.jpg
If you are Mary Jane submitting 1 file, your file should be MaryJane.1.jpg

If you are submitting for the first time, please include a text file with your name, email address and social media handles for proper crediting and to notify you if your photo is selected for an edition. Your information is stored and handled according to our privacy policy.

Please submit only up to a maximum of 3 photos at a time. If you have submitted, wait to hear from us before submitting again. 

All photos remain under your copyright. You own them. But by submitting you give us permission to print them and distribute them. You will not receive any payments for your submission. The photos will be printed for editorial use, that is not to sell anything but as art in itself. However, if you are able to get model/property releases for recognizable persons and property, that is always a good thing.

Think you have something that fits?

Poetry/literary submissions: short poems or literary pieces that blend with the photographic theme described above are welcome. However, to get a better idea of what to submit take a look at existing issues, current or past.